We are a small independent record label born in 2007.

We like catchy alternative music, no matter the genre.
Also, we love good human beings.

  • Ruggero Catania - Musician and Producer
    Av Albert Giraud, 72 - 1030 Schaerbeek - Belgium - +32491198316
  • Tommaso Calamita - Lawyer and Musician
    Via Urbana, 39 - 00184 Roma - Italy - +393333708239

You can contact us via the form below.
We will answer as soon as we can, but be sure to read this page first!


About Sync Placements
Part of our catalog is available for sync licensing for movies, TV, theater, advertising, games, events and more.

  • If the song you're looking for is part of our library, most of the time it is a one stop shop, and the deal can be quickly closed without any publishing / right owner issues.
  • We have on our roster an experienced and skilled crew of musicians who can compose music for video on demand.
  • Use the form below or feel free to call for any info about availability +32491198316

About Management

  • We provide info and management tasks just for the artists listed on our artist page.
  • For the other artists included in the catalog page, we can forward your question to the right person without commitment.

About artists looking for a record deal
We can't wait to hear your music, and we will evaluate your proposal.
That said, there are a few things you should know before submitting your music to us.

  • You don't need finished and polished songs necessarily. If you have a demo version or a rough recording taken with your mobile, it could be enough. Don't be shy, maybe we can help with the whole production process.
  • Listen to some of our artists first to see if your music fits our catalog. We have no limits from an artistic point of view, but if your music sounds like Slayer or Laura Pausini, don't waste your time, you're in the wrong place, even if we still are proud owners of the  “Reign in Blood” vinyl.
  • Don't send music via file attachment. Use Soundcloud, instead. Or Bandcamp, if you already have it set right.
    Soundcloud is our preferred method to listen to your music, and if you don't have an account with some hidden songs yet, maybe you should. 
  • Once you're ok with the points above, you can contact us using the form below.

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